Chrome Blow Performance Exhaust

$950.00 incl. GST

Price excludes shipping

These bad boys are our finest creation, Packaged in polystyrene they come complete with O2 (Oxygen) Sensor reducers and bung caps. 

Tested religiously for a period of 3 years they dramatically boost horsepower.

Kit includes: 

  • 2 x Matte Black Exhaust Pipes with O2 Sensor Compatibility
  • 2 x Copper Heat Shields
  • 2 x Chrome Heat Shields
  • 2 x Matte Black Heat Shields
  • 2 x Removable Mufflers/Baffles (Pre-Installed)
  • 2 x O2 Bung Plug/ Blanking Caps (use if model does not require O2 sensors)
  • 2 x O2 Reducers (compatibile with 12mm & 18mm bungs)
  • 1 x Centre Fitment Bolt 
  • 5 x Clamps

Does not include Flanges, Retaining Rings, Gaskets and Nuts. Purchase or use existing

Engines: Evo & Twin Cam 80-131 ci

Fits Most Customs, Bobbers, Coppers and Pro Streets



• Most Harley Davidson models except for the VROD, & SPORTSTER



• Will fit Dyna with some modification, Install a sports air-cleaner, remove side-   boards and install forward controls




• Application: Left and right side drive.



• Sports air Cleaner is required for fitment and performance



• Dyno tuning is recommended after fitment



• Fits up to 300 mm back tire



• Show Quality Chrome Finish or Matte Black Ceramic Heat Performance      Finish



• Comes with oxygen sensors bungs and stainless steel reducers and & caps



• Description: Curved steel exhaust. 1.75” 2.25” and 2.50” outside diameter stepped.



• Easy to remove exhaust Baffles’ / Mufflers



• Decibel Reading (Taken from 103 ci Harley-Davidson engine) 108 db @ 2500 RPM

Copper Maintenance:          • Copper Heat Shields come coated with Everbrite Coating "Protecta Clear ®. We recommend same or similar product to maintain copper shine
  1. Assemble flange, retaining ring and gasket onto exhausts pipes.
  2. Attach exhaust pipes into head ports and tighten nuts. 
  3. Attach centre fitment bolt and tighten firm until pipes are joined together then re-tighten head port nuts..
  4. Use a performance air filter.
  • High quality showroom chrome finish
  • High temperature ceramic matte black finish
  • High grade, showroom quality copper finish
Recommendations:        Dyno Tune & install a Sports Air-cleaner for performance and pipe fitment
Decibel Levels:                       Decibel Reading (Taken from 103 ci Harley-Davidson engine) 108 db @ 2500 RPM, Louder by up to 8 DB if you remove the baffles / mufflers. Baffles come assembled however are easily removed. Please check with local authorities for permitted DB levels.


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