Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this item in stock?
A: This item is typically in stock, however, a shortage may happen time to time.

Q: Does the exhaust come ready to bolt on?
A: Yes the exhaust comes with everything needed to bolt on and is easy to install. Does not come with Flange Clip (Use Existing) Comes with Oxygen Sensor Adapters 

Q: Do I need a professional mechanic to install this product?
A: No, however if your not familiar with mechanical work we suggest you seek professional assistance. 

Q: Does this product have a warranty?
A: Yes see our Terms & Conditions bottom of the webpage.

Q: Are these Exhausts legal?  
A: Please see your respective state and local regulations to confirm noise and emission compliance.

Q: Is FSD Exhausts Australia the same as FSD Exhausts America?
A: No FSD Exhausts Australia is an authorised re-seller of 3D Hotrod Sinful Exhausts. There is no partnership or combined business between the two companies or directors. 3D Hotrod Sinful Exhausts with O2 sensors were designed for FSD Exhausts Australia in collaboration with Frankie Serrano and that's where it ends. 

Q: Are Blow Exhaust Systems made by FSD Exhausts America (Frankie Serrano)?
A: No, Blow Performance Exhaust Systems is similar in design however uses different quality materials and fabrication methods. Blow comes with 3 sets of heat shields as well as removable baffles.

Q: Does Blow Exhaust Systems fit Dyna
A: Yes with some modifications to the bike such as install a sports aircleaner and remove the side boards and replace with forward controls. 

Q: Are Blow Exhaust Systems louder than other Performance Exhausts
A: Surprisingly no even with the baffles rempoved